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  1. Dalkis says:
    전 스타크래프트 i&ii 프로게이머 크랭크의 스타크래프트 ii 대회 중계 & 종합게임 방송하는 채널입니다.
  2. Kagashicage says:
    72 synonyms of crank from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 84 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for crank. Crank: having or expressing feelings of joy or triumph.
  3. Dulkree says:
    Crank is a type of methamphetamine that is generally less pure than crystal meth. This drug is often cut with another substance making it slightly less potent than .
  4. Vulabar says:
    crank up 1. Literally, to turn a crank on something so that it starts working. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crank" and "up." Annabelle was thrilled when I cranked up the music box for her. 2. To prompt or cause someone to do something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "crank" and "up." I know I'm supposed to be researching right now, but.
  5. Makora says:
    Define crank. crank synonyms, crank pronunciation, crank translation, English dictionary definition of crank. n. 1. A device for transmitting rotary motion, consisting of a handle or arm attached at right angles to a shaft. 2. A clever turn of speech; a verbal.
  6. Yolkis says:
    These crank handles provide leverage to maximize force for turning and tightening. They are often used on cross-slide tables. Machinable-Hub Crank Handles. Mill specific holes or keyways in the hub to meet your specifications or weld in place.
  7. Fenrill says:
    Aug 16,  · crank (comparative cranker, superlative crankest) Strange, weird, odd. Sick; unwell; infirm. (nautical, of a ship) Liable to capsize because of poorly stowed cargo or insufficient ballast. , Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Phantom Ship This ship is so crank and walty I fear our grave she will be! , Edgar Allan Poe, MS. Found in a Bottle.
  8. Tauzshura says:
    A start page for engineers that provides the most needed design resources, whether you need a vendor, a spec, or information, you'll find it here!
  9. Mosida says:
    Jody Crank Kenny Martinez, GA—Jody Crank Kenny, 54, entered into rest on Saturday, July 11, Jody was born in Louisville, Kentucky on May 6, As a young child and daughter of a career.

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